Duckbill Dog Muzzle


Globalvet Duckbill Muzzle

Our new premium duckbill muzzle for dogs provides convenient and comfortable protection for pets and handlers. Ideal for behaviour management or to control indiscriminate eating (e.g. pets with food allergies or on therapeutic diets).

  • Super-soft silicone polymer construction
  • Hygienic – easy to clean and disinfect
  • Durable – for regular use in-clinic or at home
  • In a choice of two colours and 4 sizes, to suit most breeds*
  • Single quick-pull to tighten – no fiddly buckles to adjust

* Not suitable for brachycephalic breeds or large breeds.

Size selection

L= Length C= inner circumference at widest point of opening

TO IDENTIFY MUZZLE SIZE FOR REORDERING- please refer to the packaging, or the size marked on the black fastener.
Ignore any size notation on the muzzle itself.


Nylon Dog Lead

  • Simple slip-style nylon rope lead – blue and white colour
  • Inexpensive: ideal for client loan/give-away and in-clinic use
  • Nylon construction is impervious to urine or water and can be readily disinfected 
  • Proximal end has woven loop (handhold)
  • Distal end has metal slip-ring
  • ~1.2m long including handgrip


Pet Piller


  • A lower-stress way to administer tablets
  • Maximises client compliance
  • Helps avoid injury to novice pet parents
  • Full ring design (For thumb) aids control
  • Blisterpack assists merchandising (suits J-hook)




Tick twister is the easiest and medically-preferred method of tick removal and avoids compression of the tick. For Ixodes spp, efficient removal may potentially reduce (neurotoxic) saliva ejection compared to clumsy removal via fingers or forceps. 

As the name suggests, the device allows the tick to be grasped and rotated for easier removal.  A tick mouthpart (rostrum) has backward angled spines that resist traction. Rotation of the tick allows these spines to disengage from the skin and flatten along the longitudinal axis, allowing the tick to be ‘unscrewed’ from the skin,

  • Simple one-piece durable design
  • Hygienic plastic – easily cleaned
  • Two sizes in each pack: Small and large to match size of tick



  • Convenient carry case to hold device – attaches to belt, dog lead or backpack
  • Cardboard blister pack (free of plastic packaging) suits J-hook
  • Merchandising box of 12 – contains 3 of each colour: Mauve, pink, green and blue


Traditional Blister Pack

  • Plastic blister pack – suits J-hook for display
  • Device is light green colour
  • Box of 24



  • Large, soft absorbent cotton wool tip
  • Allows safe cleaning of dog’s ear canal
  • Length – 14 cm (~4cm tip)
  • Pack of 50

® TickTwister and Bamboo stick are trademarks of H3D- ZA Sous la Combe, France. Distributed exclusively in Australia by Global Veterinary Products.